My Emoji Grammar

I thought I'd write something quick on my use of emoji with respect to English sentence structure. A nice, chill departure from writing the second post in my automata series 😅

I have one major uncontroversial way I use emoji, to transmit a feeling I have in the moment I express a sentence. So I end up using emoji in two places.

  1. At the end of a sentence, replacing a full stop with a single emoji.
  2. At the end of a parenthetical remark (like this 🤓) within a sentence.

These both seem like natural placements to me, even though I've never read anything about emoji sentence structure, or ever really talked about it. I've seen quite a few other people using emoji the same way. I wonder why it feels natural?

Can I just say, I hate seeing full stop after emoji.

Hi 👋.

UGH 🤢 Please no.

Anyway... there are waaay more interesting uses of emoji, but I kinda like this low key stuff because it feels like it could be acceptable in academic or news media writing in the not too distant future.

Once that happens emoji have transcended, probably one of the biggest shakeups to the English language ever, and we probably won't much notice or much care. That's the way, we all wake up one day and norms have changed. I'm far from an expert on language evolution though.

Next Day Edit

Maybe another possible sentence placement: superscript😂 applying locally to the attached word?

Like, yo man great💩 to see you🙄.

Oh no, I don't know whether to full stop or not.